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A one-week festival presenting a virtual gallery showcasing Intermedia studio arts students from Concordia University. A collaboration between Club IMCA and IMCA 400, the festival celebrates the works of students past and present as they near the end of their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.


· fraser place
· carolina larossa
· christine white

· haal 400
· calluna vulgar
· marie soleil st-yves
· oceane buxton
· alex apostolidis
· benni and emerson  sanderson · ley lortie
· vanessa moscato
· diego ramirez

· philippe vandal





clubimca video art screening

performance night


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Christine White
Slump Test

The Slump Test is a social practice research project investigating the effects of online learning on Concordia Fine Arts students during the COVID-19 pandemic. This name is adopted from the construction industry, where the cone is used as a mold to measure the consistency of concrete. Results are categorized by four outcomes: True, Zero, Collapsed, Shear. The cone becomes a visual metaphor exploring the ways students spread out, as their homes become all encompassing. Not just a measurement tool, the cone is re-contextualized domestically, as the home becomes a job site and daily life becomes something to approach with caution. By inviting participation, students share desk-self-portraits, answer survey questions and are interviewed. The work has no clear hypothesis and instead attempts to both represent and measure the aesthetic and emotional qualities of students’ current situations, working in isolation.


“i don't think there's anything wrong with my slump state”
                                        survey participant_

Slump Test categories: True Zero Collapsed & Shear

Desk Data
 >Desk_Self-Portrait Series
  _digital colllage of participant contributions

Slump Shoot
 >WFH Series
  _performance documentation + quotes

“I felt like my Self started leaking across the apartment and I was no longer contained in my person”
                                                                                 survey participant_

Data Poems
  _collaged entirely from survey participant quotes


I rarely see the sun anymore.

World seem to have changed. How to deal,
to online school. 
Bought a computer. Financial burdened.



It feels like all of my best coping strategies
have turned against me.
It's hard.

Plan how to find the strength to carry on.
Take a step back, meditate.
Schedule for self-care, take care.

Stretch a lot, going for walks, going out to walk.
Remembering to get outside.
I just want to go outside.

coffee…black tea…herbal tea, helped me cope.

I have started making a lot of different forms of art instead of just my original focus.
This branching out has really helped me cope


Another room, working in my room,
different areas of my room.

Sitting at desk, on couch, on floor

I went home, I moved back,
back in with my parents.


Emotions after periods. 
My emotional state. 
My mental health. 
My motivation and my mental health.
My mental state.  

Everything is so mental these day. 

A little bit dead emotionally,
Feel the negative effects.
Feel sort of unaware of my environment.

Witness myself spiralling more. Not depressed
in the debilitating way that some of my friends are.

My best coping strategies. A mental way,
to feel safe.

I just hope

I also have started talking to a therapist.


On a down ward slope, after my social life.
Lost some social skills. Hard to connect to people. Meet new people.

Isolated, I could not handle the loneliness.
Quarantine alone, stuck completely alone.
Get lonely, completely alone and empty.

Not hard on myself anymore.
Got myself, my life, more deep self talks.
Viewing myself as just myself. Myself hugging myself. By myself and only myself, telling myself.
Guide myself into a better life.

Do not end up weeks not going out and not communicating with anyone.
See people online, online socializing. Have people to call, plus a good friend.

“Thank you, it feels nice to reflect”
_survey participant