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A one-week festival presenting a virtual gallery showcasing Intermedia studio arts students from Concordia University. A collaboration between Club IMCA and IMCA 400, the festival celebrates the works of students past and present as they near the end of their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.



· philippe vandal

· haal 400
· heather c. vulgar
· alex apostolidis
· benni
· ley lortie
· vanessa moscato
· diego ramirez




clubimca video art screening

performance night


(coming soon)

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Diego Ramirez

This semester I have been working on a project I am more passionate about and it encompasses both sound and fashion. I decided that I wanted to order different colored t-shirts and make complex designs using bleach, tape, stencils, and screen printing. For this new idea I will be designing and creating a collection of 15-20 t-shirts and creating a video with close up shots of the colors and designs I have created. This video will be accompanied by a soundscape created by me with all original sounds that goes along with the colors and how I perceive the designs I created. This project is important to me because I am truly passionate about music/sound creation and I have recently become very interested in fashion design. During this semester I want to explore the idea of synesthesia and the unique perception of sound in relation to colors, shapes, and fabrics.