Concordia University


A one-week festival presenting a virtual gallery showcasing Intermedia studio arts students from Concordia University. A collaboration between Club IMCA and IMCA 400, the festival celebrates the works of students past and present as they near the end of their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees.


· fraser place
· carolina larossa
· christine white

· haal 400
· calluna vulgar
· marie soleil st-yves
· oceane buxton
· alex apostolidis
· benni and emerson  sanderson · ley lortie
· vanessa moscato
· diego ramirez

· philippe vandal





clubimca video art screening

performance night


(coming soon)

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Vanessa Moscato

Living HeART

Born and raised in the greater Montreal area and working as an industrial designer, predominantly in packaging, there was an urgency for me to get «out of the box » and creatively address my soul by integrating matters of heART. As I’m nearing the end of my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University, I practice reconnecting to myself via technological means of expression.

#working t_eye_tle and entries are video works showcasing simple iterations of life. Intrigued by what we pay attention to and how we interpret what we encounter in our highly curated society, I reveal intimate human reflections. The layering of visuals and sounds addresses the evolution and intuitive methods of continuous self-realization. Providing room for connectivity, the viewer can hopefully develop an understanding of their (relative) perception. These archived moments expose synchronicities and manifestations, heartening the importance and practice of coming into one’s unique alignment and understanding of purpose.

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